Watch BBC Africa Eye’s ‘In Search Of My Father’ Documentary

Watch BBC Africa Eye's 'In Search Of My Father' Documentary

In Kenya, over a third of the population grow up in single parent families.

BBC Africa Eye follows the personal journey of reporter Namukabo Werungah, who has never known her father and has decided to search for this missing part of her identity.

She has no idea if he is alive or dead, but with her wedding approaching, has decided it’s time to know her history.

Armed only with a name and a profession, Namukabo travels across Kenya.

She meets others in a similar situation, searches through police records, faces conversations she has always feared to have with her family, and finds revelations along the way.

Her emotional journey strikes a chord with millions in Kenya and across the continent.

Will she find the man she was meant to call dad?

And if she does, will he want her in his life?

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