Watch ‘All In The Hips’ Short Film

Watch 'All In The Hips' Short Film

Million Youth Media presents All In The Hips – Short Film [HD]

Synopsis: “All In The Hips” is a short film project as part of the Creative Labs Film Project 8 (June/August 2019) in collaboration with Million Youth Media/Fully Focused Productions. This film gives a comedic insight into the funny or extreme stereotypes we hold of each other that it becomes easy for a person to lose their identity and not be their “own artist”.

Starring: Jereca Tafari, Melanie Gayle, Kwame Asiedu
Writers: Kofi Jordan
Director: Connor Newson

Release Date: January 16, 2020
Copyright: © 2020 Creative Labs Film Project 8/Fully Focused Productions/Million Youth Media