Watch All 6 Episodes Of BET's Web Series 'I Need A Rebel' Here…

BET presents Rebel [TV Show Artwork]

In promotion of director John Singleton's new BET series, "Rebel", their digital label (BET Digital) has dropped all six episodes of adjunct web series titled "I Need A Rebel". The synopsis reads as follows:

"On one night, in the city of Oakland, four locals, a DA, a family man, a college student and a young woman find their problems impossible to escape. Over the course of the night at The Last Chance bar their lives will intersect with deadly consequences. There is only one person who can help them…Rebel, a female private investigator who is as hard on crooked cops as she is on criminals, and could be just a phone call away."

The web series is written by Amani Walker and starring Danielle Mone' Truit, Erika Ringor ("Love & Basketball"), & Tristan J. Winger (HBO's "Insecure"). Give all 6 episodes a watch below then peep the premiere of "Rebel" on 3.28.2017!!!

Story 1: "Killers Calling"