Watch 4 Episodes Of BET Her Original Series ‘Queen Collective’

Watch 4 Episodes Of BET Her Original Series 'Queen Collective'

BET Her presents 4 episodes of short films from Queen Latifah’s “Queen Collective” series for you to give a watch below.

In “A Song Of Grace”, 12-year-old Grace Moore makes history as one of the youngest classical music composers to write music for the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra with the support of her mother.

In “Game Changer”, Gamin expert Tanya DePass revolutionizes her often exclusive industry breaking down barriers and amplifying the voices of marginalized people in her community.

In “Change The Name”, young Black students and their teacher campaign to rename their local park after an abolitionist while learning the value of grassroots organizing and discovering their agency as activists.

In “Black Birth”, filmmaker Haimy Assefa balances the joys of pregnancy with the risks and fears in the African-American community as she shares her journey with two other expectant Black mothers.