Watch 2 New Visual Freestyles From MiKE L!VE (@MIKELIVELIHOOD)

MiKE L!VE - Visual Freestyle [Track Artwork]

After releasing two fresh new songs earlier this week, North Carolina collective Free The Optimus comes right back with some brand new visuals from emcee MiKE L!VE. On "Visual Freestyle" parts 1 & 2, L!VE connects with FTO's close friend Qwyk Cardino (aka Danny Digital) to bring his signature lyrical style to life through the wonders of animation.

MiKE L!VE - "Visual Freestyle" (part 1):

MiKE L!VE - "Visual Freestyle" (part 2):

Notable Spits:

"Not to mention that my writtens ahead by light years / Plus I'm on point off the head like deer / Shoot, keep it a hundred since your are tough / I'm guaranteed I give a bigger bang for your buck"

Bars on top of bars here. L!VE is currently recording a solo album that will be called 'Livelihood' featuring production from fellow Asheville artists King Garbage.

Fans can keep up with MiKE L!VE via his Twitter & IG for updates on shows, new music, etc. FTO fans can also check out new tracks via SoundCloud.