Vision Films Presents Black History Month Slate Of Films

Vision Films Presents Black History Month Slate Of Films

Vision Films highlights slate of new releases and extensive catalog honoring Black History Month.

Vision Films’ extensive slate offers a variety of feature length films, across multiple genres, highlighted for Black History Month.

All films are available on VOD and on DVD in the US, Canada, and many international territories.

Of particular interest for February 2022, Vision Films’ collection includes timeless documentaries, romantic comedies, historical fiction, faith, and family-friendly fare that address cultural perspectives whether through truth-telling, comedy, or fantasy.

Vision Films is always looking to share the most diverse slate of films possible,” says CEO and Managing Director Lise Romanoff. “Year round, we focus on expanding our library of exceptional films but at certain junctures as this, it is important to remind audiences everywhere about the relevant and important content we offer through our streaming and cable partners in the US, Canada, and worldwide.”


  • Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story – (2020) the epic tale about the return of the greatest athlete of the 20th Century from the shadows of the boxing ring back onto the world stage, all amidst the intense racial and political tensions boiling up in 1970 and the diverse team that worked tirelessly to help regain his championship title.
  • Out Of Darkness – (2022) a distinctive three-part documentary looking at the untold history of African people, especially from the North, and their significant cultural contributions to world civilization.
  • Color Of Medicine: The Story Of Homer G. Phillips Hospital – (2019) From 1937-1979 this hospital provided training and a home to over two-thirds of the African American physicians and nurses in the US.
  • Barack Obama: Finding Hope – (2021) includes some of the first known interviews with the 44th President of the U.S. giving insight into his early determination and drive.
  • Lady You Shot Me: Life And Death Of Sam Cooke – (2021) an exploration into the mysterious death of the influential star at the height of his career.
  • You Belong To Me: Sex, Race, And Murder In The South – (2014) Inside the landmark 1952 murder trial of white physician, Dr. C. Leroy Adams, by the wealthy, married, and Black, Ruby McCollum, which changed the face of civil rights in America.

Other exceptional films with poignant narratives include:

  • Once Upon A Lifetime – (2022) Faith, family, and a special kind of magic come together in this Benjamin Button-type fable that teaches love, forgiveness, and healing.
  • Flint Tale – (2021) a fictional drama of one family’s struggle in the aftermath of the Flint, MI water crisis that still has lasting repercussions.
  • The American King – (2022) a raucous and poignant comedy that addresses multicultural, political, societal, and global issues, starring the performer Akon.
  • The Black Emperor Of Broadway – (2020) based on the life of Charles S. Gilpin, the first Black lead actor on the stage, and in a play written by Eugene O’Neill.
  • All Between Us – (2018) Tiffany Haddish stars in a hilarious relationship comedy.
  • Hidden Orchard Mysteries: The Case Of The Air B&B Robbery – (2020) two young girlfriends become amateur detectives in this family friendly film.
  • Grandma’s House – (2016) Loretta Devine stars in this touching family film that truly highlights the importance and power of love and family.