Viro The Virus Goes ‘From Jersey To Germany’ On His Snowgoons-Produced Album

Viro The Virus Goes 'From Jersey To Germany' On His Snowgoons-Produced Album

Seven years ago, the Jersey native emcee Calvin James Howard aka Viro The Virus left us with all his music.

In honor of the Viro The Virus annually Remix series, the Snowgoons put all their songs and remixes together for the ‘From Jersey To Germany‘ album.

The Snowgoons are playing a big role in keeping Viro’s legacy alive.

All in together, 22 songs produced by the Goons including the infamous Starlight song and the Black Luger remix of it, can be found on this album available on digital platforms and a limited CD edition of 250 units.

All proceeds on this project will go to Viro’s family!

From Jersey To Germany‘ is also available to stream & cop via Spotify | iTunes | GoonsGear