Villains “Sorry For You” (Audio)

Villains “Sorry For You” (Audio)

Los Angeles duo Villains share their heart-wrenching single “Sorry For You”.

Villains are excited to release their second single “Sorry For You”.

“Sorry For You” is a song about a relationship built on fear that never quite grows to its full potential.

It’s about an underlying attraction to someone toxic and realizing you have to let go of a love that is tearing you apart.

Drawing inspiration from Portishead's “Roads” track the song starts with a mournful rhodes piano, a laidback breakbeat, and a soulful, jazzy vocal which quickly builds into an epic emotional anthem with orchestral elements, soaring melodies, and a gripping vocal performance that truly imparts the pain of love lost.

Villains is a Los Angeles-based songwriting duo heavily influenced by 90s Trip-Hop and UK Alternative/Electronica.

Known for their driving bass-heavy beats, ethereal vocals, dreamy synth lines, catchy hooks, and soulful lyrics, Villains bridges the gap between melancholy, empowering, and heart-wrenching emotional landscapes while pulling from genres like alternative, rock, jazz, EDM, and hip-hop.

Notable Spits:

You broke my heart in every way, you said you never meant to stay, but the way you seem to care, don't say it all was in my head. You pretend to be so good, but underneath you’re sick and scared, I feel sorry for you