Video: Young Jeezy "Doesn't Know What The Illuminati Is" + He Discusses Problems With Def Jam

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Either the Illuminati have one of those "Men In Black" mind erasers or Young Jeezy is out of the loop. During a recent interview, Young Jeezy addressed rumors of his affiliation with the Illuminati following his 'Seen It All' album cover, problems with Def Jam, & more.

Back in November 2013, Young Jeezy sent a message to his personal Twitter account threatening to leak his new album if "Def Jam don't get it right". On his song "Me Ok", Young Jeezy, whom is also the Senior V&P at Atlantic Records, rapped "might just drop my next album on Atlantic". Before stating that his album "was getting released even without a release date" in his interview with Power 99's Mina SayWhat, Young Jeezy explains why he publicly voiced his displeasure with Def Jam:

At the time, I felt like they weren't seeing my vision. It's just like a girl. Def Jam is a great building, a lot of things changed, but I became frustrated with the situation. But, I'm a businessman so I had to put that out there. But, it's like my girl, 'you keep playing I'm going to get me another chick'.

Young Jeezy's cover art for 'Seen It All' contains a shield surrounding the eye in the pyramid that is commonly seen on the back of the dollar bill. Young Jeezy immediately dismisses Illuminati references:

Do not get art and creativity confused with ignorance. I am a hard working, God fearing man. I have no idea what an Illuminati is. Really [I] dont give a damn because it has nothing to do with me.

Check out Young Jeezy address Illuminati rumors, his problems with Def Jam and more below...

Young Jeezy speaking on Illuminati rumors:

Young Jeezy speaking on problems with Def Jam:

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