Video: Young Black And Gifted - Respect Violence

Video: Young Black And Gifted - Respect Violence

The soul of Rochester returns!!!

Young Black And Gifted return with new visuals for single “Respect Violence” this morning.

As always, the duo of emcee Azariah and producer Kidd Called Quest traverse conscious narratives while keeping the hip-hop gritty.

Speaking on the single, the group released the following statement:

'Respect Violence' is sampled from a famous Killer Mike rebuttal of Bill O’Reilly claiming hip-hop music and culture creates Godless, mindless criminals. I would say (to) people that say hip-hop is violent, let’s start where the real violence started. Let’s start with the three major Abrahamic religions, and let’s do away with their books. Let’s start with governments and geo ward politics, let’s do away with our leaders. So after we get down the violent scale, of all the things that create real violence to get to music, it’ll be easy to get to hip-hop.”