Video: Yore – Knew Better (@ThisIsYore)

Video: Yore - Knew Better (@ThisIsYore)

The progressive songwriter-vocalist Yore has unveiled the visual for his debut single "Knew Better" (released via LA's independently popular).

Directed by James Mountford, the mesmeric clip follows the summer release of the breath-taking track.

Co-produced with Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Robin Hannibal (Kendrick Lamar, Dvsn, Little Dragon), best known for being one half of the musical duo Quadron and founding member of Rhye, "Knew Better" is a compelling introduction to Yore's forthcoming EP1, and sets the tone for what audiences can expect. Opening on a flurry of keys and continuous building of strings, "Knew Better" is a quiet storm that effortlessly showcases Yore's powerful and emotive vocals.

Video: Yore - Knew Better (@ThisIsYore)

Says Yore of the release:

"The song is an expression of new vulnerability and regret I started writing three years ago. I was going through an intense period of alone time trying to figure out my life, listening to a lot of meditative ambient music, and found this beautiful instrumental by a Ukrainian composer called Heinali. There was a melody I couldn't get out of my head, so I just recorded a demo right there at home and forgot about the song for some time. Several months later a friend introduced me to Robin. I've always been a fan of his musical sensibility, his attention to detail, his intentionality. He really pays attention to everything and was able to bring my vision to life."

On the visual, Yore adds:

"I went through a major breakthrough in the writing of "Knew Better" that turned my world upside down, and that's what the visuals are working to convey here. It's a representation of this journey of learning and unlearning I'm committing to every day, and how that relates to the people around me. I'm really grateful to have been able to give myself over to the process and trust the vision of my collaborators like James Mountford, the director. This project is the result of me giving myself permission to release the past and embrace uncertainty."

Yore has lived almost nine lives as a singer-songwriter of a different name – and EP1 is his most ambitious project to date. In lieu of recording to finished beats from various producers, he co-produced every song with a small list of collaborators and arrangers. For inspiration, Yore says he booked several solo trips between LA and Europe, making serendipitous connections and getting attached to the rhythms of places like London, Paris, and Berlin. The result is a deeply developed emotion he calls "the nostalgia for what could've been" – painted on a rich tapestry of cinematic instruments and progressive sounds. It's a new and exciting direction not only for Yore as an artist reborn, but for the music industry at-large.

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