Video: @YemiMarie Encourages Kids To Stand Up To Bullying

Video: @YemiMarie Encourages Kids To Stand Up To Bullying

Yemi Marie worked her magic with the young students as she encouraged them to “stand up to bullying“. As she talked, interacted, & shared her personal stories about being bullied, the eager & bright-eyed children followed her every word & every move on the stage in the school assembly halls.

Students were visibly delighted when Yemi performed her hit single “Draw The Line” on which she encourages young people to shun negative behavior such as bullying. She also performed her high-energy “Crazy This World” followed by Rihanna’s hit “Diamonds“. The 16-year-old singer encouraged the Jane Addams students to follow her on Instagram & send anti-bullying posts with the hash tag #NoBulliesAllowed. She told them that every student who followed her, she would also follow them. And within 24 hours, she had heard from a number of students.

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