Video: @YandySmith Says “Someone Needs To Watch The Police” On @HelloBeautiful

Video: @YandySmith Says "Someone Needs To Watch The Police" On @HelloBeautiful

With protestors being pelted with rubber bullets and tear gassed as they excerise their constitutional right to protest in Ferguson, Mo, the Black community is speaking out about police brutality. From Michael Brown to Eric Garner, it seems as if a war has raged between Black citizens and law enforcements. “Love & Hip Hop” star Yandy Smith shared her thoughts on the treatment Black people are facing in the hands of law enforcement. “It’s a sad day when the people who are supposed to protect us become our enemies,” Yandy said. She went on to tell us exactly how she felt about brutality and why it needs to be addressed immediately.

But, Yandy isn’t the only celeb who’s candid about the matter. Celebrities, including Nelly and T.I., have been vocal about their opinion on Ferguson and the state of America. And, some have even showed up to rallies to speak with protesters on what the Black community should do next.

News & video source courtesy of HelloBeautiful!!!