Video: Xav A. – Old Milk (@XavAMusic)

Video: Xav A. - Old Milk (@XavAMusic)

Xav A. is an R&B/Pop singer, songwriter, and producer channeling the excitement and power of 90’s music in order to remind the world just how much fun life can be. Currently based in New York City, he has performed at some of the hottest venues around town such as the legendary SOB’s. His musical mission began in 2011 after being featured on season 3 of NBC’s hit a cappella competition show, The Sing Off winning second place during the same season as the well-known group Pentatonix. After performing a rendition of R. Kelly’sIgnition (Remix)” on the show, Xav A. began to harness his artistry as a soloist and strives to revive the more playful side of R&B that was present previously in artists like Will Smith and MC Hammer.

His latest single, “Old Milk”, is a fun dance track with a deep meaning behind it. He stated “I was watching a lot of reality TV where I saw women staying in relationships where they knew the man was doing them wrong. I thought to myself, why do men not encourage their women to leave when they know they’re doing something wrong? This song sort of explores the idea of telling a woman that the man she is with is no good for her. Women deserve that from us I feel.” Stay tuned for more Xav A. this summer and tour dates to be announced soon!

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