Video: ‘WORST’ By P.Fly (@TheOfficialPFly) [Prod. @JWizOnTheBeat]

Video: 'WORST' By P.Fly (@TheOfficialPFly) [Prod. @JWizOnTheBeat]

Prince “P.Fly” Jacobs is the future of Hip Hop as we know it. Since he was 12, he was crafting slick lyrics in the hallways of his school where he rapped with his 2 best friends. After a brief stint apart of the group F.L.Y. Nation & releasing one mixtape, he decided to pursue his solo career. Since then, he’s performed at over 20 shows, including opening up for A$AP Rocky at SUNY Brockport’s spring concert. In addition to performing live, he’s released 3 mixtapes, and now has an EP entitled ‘Summer Time Fly’ which is available via!!! P.Fly is a name which will soon become a household one, and will change the game, one song at a time.