Video: ‘We Are Not Playing’ By CHIKANO & @GranddadWoolly

Video: 'We Are Not Playing' By CHIKANO & @GranddadWoolly

‘EXPRMNTS I-VI’ is the debut EP from Portugal Hip Hop producer CHIKANO & Northwest Indiana/Atlanta emcee Granddad Woolly. These longtime collaborators have finally began to set in motion a plan 5 years in the making & this EP serves as a setup to their future full-length LP. ‘EXPRMNTS I-VI’ focuses on the events during the 6 closest attempts to perfect their monstrous creation named “KanoDadda”. CHIKANO brings a dark, gritty, low-fi sound that Granddad Woolly complements with clever flows, wordplay, & sci-fi subject matter. A great EP to what seems to be the prelude to what will be an even greater LP.

You can stream & download CHIKANO & Granddad Woolly’s ‘EXPRMNTS I-VI’ collabo EP below…