Video: Watch ‘Rainy Day’ By AMJ (@ThaReal_AMJ) [Dir. @JRockVision]

Album: AMJ (@ThaReal_AMJ) » Red White & True [Prod. @Dao_Era & @TheKlassiks] 1

Today, AMJ releases a his first visual from his most recent EP ‘Red White & True‘ titled “Rainy Day”. The original song features New York native Sam Siegel but due to Sam being in Europe, the two were not able to collaborate on the video.

This song has a lot emotion & is about putting everything you have into something, even if you need to sacrifice a lot in the process. It’s about enjoying the time you have with people because you never know when they may be gone. With the piano & the gloomy vibe of the song, the title “Rainy Day” fits perfectly. Stay positive “And all the bullshit, save it for a rainy day”.

You can stream & download the MP3 version of this track on below…