Video: Watch Part 1 Of Jay-Z (@S_C_) & @Beyonce's Short Film Trilogy 'Bang Bang'

Video: Watch Part 1 Of Jay-Z (@S_C_) & @Beyonce's Short Film Trilogy 'Bang Bang'

Back in May, Jay Z & Beyoncé released a high quality trailer to the "movie" "RUN". The clip ended with the words "Coming Never" on the screen. It turns out the film may not be hitting theaters, but the power couple is releasing the three-part visual project "Bang Bang".

The series was directed by Dikayl Rimmasch & appeared during Jay and Bey's "On The Run" Tour. Rimmasch told Nowness:

In my first conversation on the telephone with Jay Z, he explained his concept of On the Run. He said: "We're not trying to do this literally, it's not that we're Bonnie & Clyde. We're on the run from everything. On the run from becoming a cliché. On the run from doing the same thing again." Everything he mentioned was a level of consciousness he has for staying alive as an entertainer & as a human being. He wanted to keep it more abstract because for him it was very abstract. How do you stay new, not just to your audience but also yourself?

Jay Z & Beyoncé's "On The Run Tour" will be aired as an HBO concert special this Saturday, September 20.

Watch part 1 of Jay Z & Beyoncé's "Bang Bang" below...

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