Video: Watch #MarlonWayans Audition For The Role Of #RichardPryor In Upcoming Biopic

Video: Watch #MarlonWayans Audition For The Role Of #RichardPryor In Upcoming Biopic

The role now belongs to Mike Epps, in a project that will be directed by Lee Daniels, with Oprah Winfrey also attached to play Richard Pryor's grandmother. But, at one time, Marlon Wayans was set to play Pryor in a film that Chris Rock was on-board to produce; this was in 2010, when Rock shared his enthusiasm for the project, and just how blown away he was by Marlons' audition tape.

Might this be footage from the tape that Rock and company watched, that blew them away?

But the role now belongs to Mike Epps, so, no matter what you think of Wayans' attempt in the tape below, it ultimately doesn't matter.

Director Lee Daniels really has not spoken publicly much about the project; although he did say that, much like Chris Rock said he was blown away by Marlon Wayans' audition, Daniels, and his producers, The Weinstein Company, were just as taken by Epps' performance.

Others who were said to be in contention for the job, when it became Daniels', include Nick Cannon and Michael B. Jordan.

Also, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway were said to both be in the running to play Jennifer Lee Pryor in the film; although it looks like it's Hudson's role.

You can give the audition footage a watch below...

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