Video: Watch 'Hood Rat Shit' By Coast (@CoastWarHorse) [#MarchFirst]

Video: Watch 'Hood Rat Shit' By Coast (@CoastWarHorse) [#MarchFirst]

As the saying goes, "you can take the man out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the man." From bodegas to dice games around the corner, these types of characters are able to take their hustle to the next level by putting their street smarts into everything they do.

East Coast rhymer Coast, who wears his NY gear like a badge of honor, plays by these exact rules, and "Hood Rat Shit" is the ode to all of you out there who are going from ashy to classy. Over the horn heavy production supplied by Sound State Beats, Coast keeps the torch lit by highlighting the borough that many of Hip-Hop's greatest emcees call home.

Visually, the track takes us on a virtual trip through the area, giving us a window sill glimpse of his home and the spots he frequents. For more from Coast, be sure to download his 'March First' LP, which is now available for free download, via AudioMack!!!

You can also stream & download this track on SoundCloud & AudioMack!!!