Video: Watch 'I Got A Promotion' By @Wordsmith feat. Paul @RiversBailey

Video: Watch 'I Got A Promotion' By @Wordsmith feat. Paul @RiversBailey

Wordsmith is living a real American Dream as a single father of two with an apartment, a day job, a musical career, an entertainment label, & a goal!!!

The 'Apt. 507' EP is a milestone for Wordsmith marking the first time he has had full creative control over all aspects of a project, from writing, recording, & performing the records to producing, directing and editing each music video. Having complete mastery of the vision, Wordsmith can guarantee its authenticity and meanwhile provide a great example for other independent artists of the benefits to remaining self-sufficient.

The 1st single off Wordsmith's 'Apt. 507' EP shows the rewards of dedication and determination with "I Got A Promotion". Wordsmith experienced a life-imitates-art moment while creating "I Got A Promotion", finally receiving one from his day job after ten years earned. Meanwhile in all that time he worked tirelessly toward a promotion and ascension in his music career. By battling ignorance and prejudice with a positive message, Wordsmith is able to celebrate the benefits of hard work and show the youth that any level of success is attainable to someone willing to work for it. "I Got A Promotion" celebrates the reaching of goals and should be a motivating force for the betterment of our nation. The "I Got A Promotion" video was filmed utilizing Wordsmith and NU Revolution Entertainment connects around Baltimore.

You can also stream the MP3 version of this track below...