Video: Watch 'Ascension' By Constant Flow (@CF201)

MP3: New Track 'Anatomy Of A Revolutionary' By Constant Flow (@CF201)

While countless rappers will get in the booth and speak on topics they know nothing about, a quick background check will tell you who's real, and who's in the game for the glory. That isn't the story with Constant Flow. As an emcee who has gone through some tough battles, his goal is to make sure the people around him don't have to go through the same violent struggles.

When you've seen the bottom, your motivation to climb is that much more prevailing. "Ascension" is a brief history on Constant Flow's upbringing, as the booth he raps in acts as a confessional for all that he's endured. The Jersey City emcee comes correct with an onslaught of fiery bars, leaving no aspect of his world a secret.

CF's debut on Viper Records is set to drop on September 2nd and is now available for pre-order via & iTunes!!!