Video: @VanJamme – #LapTop [Dir. @MSCNDC]

Video: @VanJamme - #LapTop [Dir. @MSCNDC] 2

Directed by: Van Jamme & AD-8 (@YungAD8)
Shot by: Garrett LaBrie (@GL_Graphics21)
Edited by: Flxtch (@FlxtchMusic)

Video Description: This video is Van Jamme’s most recent visual and the tip of the iceberg for the creativity that is soon to come. Sticking to the theme of the song, Van Jamme and his two homies take on the challenge of watching a viral video that has taken over people’s computers. Watch & see if their trip watching the video is successful or not. The dope visuals come straight from the good people at MSCNDC. Garrett LaBrie on the camera, AD-8 helping on directing, & Flxtch on the editing.

Video: @VanJamme - #LapTop [Dir. @MSCNDC]

Song Description: This song is a representation of the creative lane Van Jamme is looking to take his music. A sound that is its own but also sounds like all the pieces of Van Jamme as an artist: being from Los Angeles, being a college graduate and striving to take art to the next level. With this song, old fans and new fans can worry about keeping their “LapTop” and iTunes playlists in tact after hearing the dope sounds.