Video: Un'ruly (@HairUnruled) Presents Pretty: Episodes 1-16

Video: Un'ruly (@HairUnruled) Presents Pretty: Episodes 1-16

"Pretty" is a new documentary web series that's created by Antonia Opiah, who has done digital marketing for other companies before deciding to strike out on her own to start her own business. She then moved to Paris and created her own beauty & lifestyle website for Black women called Un’ruly.

But that also inspired her to start producing a web series for which Ms. Opiah traveled to London, Paris, & Milan to talk to various Black women of various different backgrounds, shades, complexions, & experiences, about a wide range of subjects, from their lives, their backgrounds, fashion, feminism, self esteem, & how to get it and, of course, beauty.

But not just beauty in the traditional “Oooh she’s cute” superficial sense of how someone looks, but inner beauty, while also taking to task the antiquated but stubborn opinion that beauty is defined as blond-haired, blue-eyed, with a pencil-thin figure.

As Ms. Opiah says:

"Pretty"... “explores just how nuanced beauty can be, by not only taking a look at how beauty standards vary from country to country, but also how they might vary within a city.”