Video: 'Unity Is All We Need' By @LGMusicFactory feat. @AnnNesby, @GAAlbright, & @DeeBrownMusic

Video: 'Unity Is All We Need' By @LGMusicFactory feat. @AnnNesby, @GAAlbright, & @DeeBrownMusic

"Unity Is All We Need" is the 1st release of the 50 song music compilation 'The LG Music Factory' available Spring of 2015. The track features Ann Nesby, a familiar voice of the Gospel genre after her seminal multi-Platinum, Grammy-nominated work with Sounds of Blackness for nearly a decade. Gerald Albright, recently nominated for a Grammy in 2014, lends his heart felt dulcet tones wrapped around smooth sax talk to the track. And Jazz guitar newcomer Dee Brown sweetens the pie in a throwback comparable to George Benson's "Give Me The Night".

The song has become the quintessential soundtrack for America's "Road To Justice" in protest for the brutal & senseless killings of African American men that have been marked for death by Police associations nationwide at epidemic proportions.

Reminiscent of the Civil Rights protests of the 50s & 60s, America finds itself practically back to square one with race relations concerning African Americans. Whether Driving While Black, racial profiling, or simply D.B.C. (Death By Cop).

Wherever you stand on the issue...Everybody needs a little unity!!!