Video: Twista - Disrespectful

Twista - Crook County [Album Artwork]

One of the most prodigiously talented rappers to grace the airwaves in the past two decades, Chicago's Twista only gets better with age. Skillfully tip-toeing around a stuttering, disorienting triple-meter beat courtesy of producer Xcel, Twista goes wild on "Disrespectful", insulting his rivals and asserting his supremacy with a motorik, stop-start flow. Finding a sinister atmosphere that accompanies the discordant instrumental, Twista embraces his inner horror movie villain in the video, fiercely wielding a machete while surrounded by slashed corpses, borrowing masks from slasher icons Michael Myers ("Halloween") & Jason Voorhees ("Friday The 13th"). Directed by Will Gates, the video reflects Twista's hectic & savage lyricism on the track. "Disrespectful" is the opening track on 'Crook County', Twista's tenth studio album.

Twista tells Mass Appeal:

"The concept of 'Disrespectful' is a Horror movie theme, I wanted to take it back to the horror flow style. Plus, Horror is my favorite movie genre other than Sci-Fi, and I felt it would be fitting for a video like this with a song like 'Disrespectful,' especially when you listen to some of the dialogue in the song. Horror movie quotes and talking about killing techniques - 'Faces of death as I play with your flesh!'"

Boasting highlights such as the tongue-twisting "Stacking Paper", the haunting, Zaytoven-produced banger "Baddest", the Vic Spencer-featured stoner's anthem "Mortuary", & the Jeremih-featured "Next to You", 'Crook County' is an eclectic yet coherent listen, and a formidable return to form for the veteran rapper. Praised by Red Bull as one of the Best Mixtapes of July 2017, 'Crook County' is a diverse & accomplished effort, featuring Twista at the top of his lyrical game. Packing pearls of street wisdom with meticulously stacked syllables, 'Crook County' continues Twista's status as the Chicago veteran most likely to collaborate with the city's up-and-comers, inviting risers like Supa Bwe, The Boy Illinois, & Bandman Kevo to appear on the album.

Twista explains:

"Crook County got me thinking about what my city is, and Hip-Hop's conflict between old and new. The project is my vision of where I'm at in the music game right now, bridging the gap between the youth and myself. What I wanted to focus on was not necessarily so much the guys that were on the forefront of Chicago right now, but just do it with that whole background scene a little bit. Like these guys that could sell out a Chicago crowd and you not know who the hell they are."