Video: Troi ‘Star’ Torain Goes In On 50 Cent, G-Unit, & ThisIs50 Radio

Video: Troi 'Star' Torain Goes In On 50 Cent, G-Unit, & ThisIs50 Radio

Troi “Star” Torain is no stranger to controversy. The veteran radio personality has made a career out of being an agitator or as he describes it a “culture critic.” His latest targets are ThisIs50 Radio, 50 Cent, and G-Unit.

Star apparently took issue with Philadelphia rapper Tone Trump’s interview on Thisis50 with Hynaken, DJ Thoro, and Star’s cousin Gossip Viv. While on the program, the Trump Life emcee suggested that Star was “doing bad” and that he was “one of his three listeners.” Trump claimed the two had issues from what he saw as Star setting him up during a radio interview in Philadelphia years ago.

Star used his own show to fire back at Trump and ThisIs50 as well. The Shot97 host referred to the employees at the company as “hoe ass n***as.” Star claimed that someone from the station had G-Unit’s Nelson contact him to squash the situation. He then took shots at 50 Cent and G-unit for participating in Cyndi Lauper’s “Home For The Holidays” benefit concert for homeless LGBT youth.

“50 and G-unit are headlining some f**king gay-lesbian concert,” said Star before shaking his head at the camera. “The f**kery that G-Unit is now doing.”

While he mentioned 50 and his rap crew by name, Star’s harshest words came for the Queens rapper’s other brand.

“Viv called me to say Tone Trump was coming at me. I said, ‘Okay, when is this going to be loaded up?’ You did your little edit job. Your s**t’s not streaming nowhere. You’re a f**king big garbage can,” expressed Star. “You thought you were just going to put a clip up on me, and I’m just going to say, ‘Ha ha. ThisIs50. G-Unit.’ Motherf**k you! F**k the whole system you got up there. You n***as make about as much money as a Burger King worker with the exception of the fact that a Burger King worker gets a f**king holiday bonus. You bum ass n***as.”

Star does add that he has does not have a problem with Viv or Hynaken. He even suggests that Hynaken could actually make more money going at 50 in YouTube vlogs than what he is currently making at ThisIs50.

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