Video: @TheRapFest: Series 3 [Feat. @Vado_MH, @TheRealSaigon, & @RazahRahz]

The RapFest [Logo Artwork]

The RapFest makes a triumphant return to the airwaves with the third episode of their well-received & highly anticipated cypher series.

Vado On "The RapFest: Series 3" [Poster Artwork]

Fans anxiously await each series, to see who's going to be next--and up next.

Saigon On "The RapFest: Series 3" [Poster Artwork]

Series 3 finds The RapFest knocking it out of the park once again with We The Best Music Group's Vado (hailing from Harlem) & fan-favorite Saigon (of Brownsville, Brooklyn) paired with UpNext selection Rahzel Jr, who does more than hold his own alongside these rap titans.

Rahzel Jr. On "The RapFest: Series 3" [Poster Artwork]

Miami-based producer Streetrunner (whose Grammy winning catalogue includes Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, & more) provides the backdrop for the trio to showcase their talents.

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