Video: #TheMCReport (@YoItsMyMy @CarlDen10): #TheRevival (@CampLo & @OfficialCampLo) [Part 1]

Video: #TheMCReport (@YoItsMyMy @CarlDen10): #TheRevival (@CampLo & @OfficialCampLo) [Part 1]

[Hip Hop is far from "dead." True school, Hip Hop heads believe that the Golden Era sound is making a comeback while new schoolers are becoming more receptive to it. In an era where BOOM BAP is overshadowed by repetitive rotation on mainstream radio, traces of authentic HIP HOP sounds still linger to this day. Whether it's underground, indie or even some areas of mainstream, Hip Hop continues to evolve while reviving its original form.

The MC Media Group has produced "The Revival"; a web series that features just that, Hip Hop's revival. Through encounters with artists whose contributions to the culture have made a tremendous impact, they hope to revive Hip Hop's true essence.]

In collaboration with Malary & Jones, The MC Media Group premieres the first part of episode 03. At the time they filmed this episode, Camp Lo and Pete Rock were preparing to release their newest project, '80 Blocks From Tiffany's, Part 2'. A few nights before a scheduled performance in NYC, The MC Media Group was invited to attend a private rehearsal to shoot the episode. There, Maria "My-My" and Carl "CD" of The MC Media Group, sat down with the Hip Hop duo and revived some memories through conversation.

Episode 03 (part 01), of a two-part episode, focused a lot on the beginning stages of Camp Lo's career. Discussing their formation, stories of recording with Ski Beatz (& one of the pranks they pulled on him), their classic hit "Luchini", Geechi's reaction after hearing the sample from "Coolie High" for the first time and more.. it really took them, as Hip Hop fans, back. Even Geechi & Cheeba, themselves, had to burst out in laughter, reminiscing on the past. In doing so, as the purpose of the series, they were able to connect their humble beginnings to the journey that led them to this present time in their careers. Stay tuned in for part 02 of Episode 03: Camp Lo, where they discuss more of their progression with Hip Hop through time.

Production Credits:
Maria "My-My" - Executive Producer & Co-Director
Carl "CD" - Associate Producer & Theme Music Composer
Andrew Malary & DeShaun Jones - Co-Director & Co-Video Editor