Video: The Signal » Short Film [@MichaelEaly @MarcusStokes @TimKStory]
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Video: The Signal » Short Film [@MichaelEaly @MarcusStokes @TimKStory]

The year is 2046. A new energy source, created to solve the world’s energy crisis, is believed to have deadly side effects. When The Signal’s inventor chooses to help a girl warn the public, he gains an unlikely ally to save the world from his own creation.

Starring: Michael Ealy, Grace Phipps, Doc Duhame, Casey Adams, Zack Duhame, Brian Buccellato, Ciera Payton, & Gonzalo Escudero.

Writer/Director/VFX Supervisor: Marcus Stokes
Executive Producer: Tim Story
Producer: Chris Harding
Cinematographer: Larry Blanford
Editor: Melissa Lawson
Sound Editor: Stephen Hunter Flick
Music Producer: Bear McCreary
Composers: Michael Beach & Jonathan Ortega
Stunt Coordinator: Casey Adams