Video: The @LordOfTheMics Hype Sessions - Pawz, Mez, & Trappy (@OfficialPawz @UncleMez @Trappy_UK)

Video: The @LordOfTheMics Hype Sessions - Pawz, Mez, & Trappy (@OfficialPawz @UncleMez @Trappy_UK)

The notorious "Lord Of The Mics Hype Sessions" have jumped off & this can only mean the showdown is about to begin!!! The clips will tease you & leave you wanting more, creating tension in the build up to the official release. This year is set to be huge as the infamous clashing series celebrates its 10 years.

Third & fourth up is Mez from Nottingham & Trappy who show off their aggressive bars. Mez goes in with his fast-paced delivery that leave anyone stepping up to clash him worried, whilst Trappy goes in directly laying his assault on Mez.

This clash is one to look forward to for Grime fans as the pair have had multiple rivalry over the years already & clashed previously on Prizefighter.

Increasingly growing in fanbase, which now includes Drake, after he posted the legendary Skepta vs. Devilman clash via his Instagram earlier this year, Lord Of The Mics now boasts worldwide support across the biggest platforms including MTV, Vice, Red Bull, BBC, Global Radio & resulted in the last release hitting the top 5 in the official UK charts, worlds apart from the humble beginnings when Jammer & Ratty began selling "Lord Of The Mics 1" out of the car boot in Wembley Market.

Make sure you’re part of the celebrations this year as "Lord Of The Mics 7" is released!!!

Mez [Hype Session]:

Trappy [Hype Session]:

Pawz [Hype Session] (Bonus):