Video: The Elite Money Empire (@EMETakeover) Interviews ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Producer J-Roc

Video: The Elite Money Empire (@EMETakeover) Interviews 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Producer J-Roc

The Elite Money Empire (@EMETakeover) Presents to you: The Exclusive J-Roc Interview – Producer behind the Magna Carta Holy Grail and The 20/20 Experience.

We went in the studio with J-Roc and Timbaland (@Timbaland) while they were at work to witness the dynamic that has created two of the most recent modern classics. We also spoke exclusively with J-Roc about how he started working with Timbaland, Jay Z (@S_C_) on the Blueprint 3 and Magna Carta Holy Grail [10/16 tracks], Justin Timberlake (@JTimberlake) on the 20/20 Experience [10/10 tracks], Missy Elliott (@MissyElliott), and more. He also speaks on his creative process and what it is like working with them.

J-Roc also tells us about James Fauntleroy’s (@Fauntleroy) involvement in the 20/20 Experience and MCHG, how “Suit and Tie” and the consistent Jay Z/Justin Timberlake movement started and hints at Shock Value 3 coming out soon. –The Elite Money Empire