Video: Texas Cop Donald Givens Claims #BlackLivesMatter Is A 'Hate Group'

Video: Texas Cop Donald Givens Claims #BlackLivesMatter Is A 'Hate Group'

A police officer in Texas said this week that the Black Lives Matter movement had not succeeded because it was “nothing but a hate group” and it was “no different than the KKK”.

A photo posted to the Trinity Police Department’s Facebook page in May of a Black officer and a white officer went viral this week after it was shared on social media by the group American Conservatives of Color. The photo shows Officer Donald Givens and Chief Steven Jones with the words “His Life Matters” and arrows pointed at each other printed on both of their hands.

“There’s so much hate and there’s so many things on social media,” Jones explained to WAGA. “And there’s so many people that shouldn’t be heard. Yet, social media, now they have outlets to put out hatred and spew things.”

“We posted the photo to send out the message that I care about him, he cares about me, and our race has nothing to do with it,” the chief continued. “We’re both fat guys. And there’s some hate that we endure because of that. There’s hatred that people make fun of us because of our size and all that.”

“I don’t get mad every time somebody makes fun of my size,” Jones, who is white, noted. “You can transfer that same thought process about how we deal with people making fun of us about our size to your race. And there’s so many people that get so sensitive about race.”

Givens, who is Black, told the station that he felt that the Black Lives Matter movement “was a wash.”

I feel that is nothing but a hate group, and is no different than the KKK and the Black Panthers”, Givens opined. “We as a country and a community need to find a way to heal our nation.”

“Pray for our nation, to pray for our government, our local leaders, and law enforcement,” the officer added. “If we come together, without the hate and bitterness, we will overcome adversity.”

On Thursday, both of the officers appeared on the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends, but host Brian Kilmeade declined to ask Givens to explain why he called Black Lives Matter a hate group.