Video: Tabitha (@TabithaMusik) – Dear Summer

Video: Tabitha (@TabithaMusik) - Dear Summer

Tabitha was born in a small city called Leiden in The Netherlands to a Surinamese & Chinese father and a Dutch mother. After her father passed away in 2001, Tabitha was forced to grow up fast & mostly by herself. At the age of 12, Tabitha felt the only way to express herself was by writing songs to beats she found on YouTube. Soon after, Tabitha recorded her first hook in a studio. It was then that she realized making music wasn't just something she loved to do but much more than that.

When award-winning singer/songwriter/producer Timothy Bloom came across Tabitha on Facebook, he was so impressed that he invited Tabitha to work on music with him and join him onstage for a duet in London. The synergy was evident and for the last 3 months they have been working on Tabitha's debut album in Los Angeles.

Titled 'No Fiction', the album is written entirely by Tabitha & produced by Timothy Bloom and features Tabitha's debut single "Dear Summer".