Video: T.F & G4 Jag – Switching Lanes [Prod. Mephux]

Video: T.F & G4 Jag - Switching Lanes [Prod. Mephux]

T.F & G4 Jag
“Switching Lanes”
Official Music Video

Flee Lord officially drops his brand new LordMobb compilation album featuring a collective of some of the best lyricists and producers on the come up.

‘LordMobb Compilation, Vol. 1’ is now available everywhere music is streamed and sold, hosted by Peter Rosenberg, and featuring 21 hand-selected songs from the LordMobb collective.

LordMobb Compilation, Vol. 1‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Peter Rosenberg Intro
  2. Phonk Mobbin featuring Phonk P & Eto [Produced by godBLESSbeatz]
  3. Back To The Block featuring Young Act & Mumbles [Produced by GhostDave]
  4. Only Right featuring Zaza God [Produced by Mephux]
  5. Snake Strip featuring BVNGS [Produced by Casey Jones]
  6. James Bond Sturdy featuring Eto, Zaza God, & Shoota93 [Produced by 4ord]
  7. Rent Past Due featuring Young Act & Mumbles [Produced by GhostDave]
  8. Barfest featuring Young Act, G4 Jag, & Mumbles [Produced by V Don]
  9. New Orleans Bop featuring Jameel Na’im X [Produced by 4ord]
  10. Summertime Killahs featuring Phonk P [Produced by godBLESSbeatz]
  11. The District featuring T.F & G4 Jag [Produced by Mephux]
  12. Rose From The Concrete featuring Eto, Aaqil Ali, Phonk P, Zaza God, & T.F [Produced by GhostDave]
  13. Never Fold featuring Zaza God, Young Act, & Noah Ark [Produced by Big French]
  14. We Mobbin’ featuring Reef Hustle & Vic Spencer [Produced by Eto]
  15. Overtime featuring Willie The Kid & Jai Black [Produced by GhostDave]
  16. Chinese Food & Rozay featuring Zaza God & Aaqil Ali [Produced by GhostDave]
  17. Mercy Skit (Skanless Lords] featuring G4 Jag & T.F [Produced by Mephux]
  18. Mobb Soldiers featuring Shady Ray & Zaza God [Produced by Eto]
  19. Switching Lanes featuring T.F & G4 Jag [Produced by Mephux]
  20. Up n Down featuring Shady Ray & Aaqil Ali [Produced by GhostDave]
  21. Closed Curtains featuring Phonk P, G4 Jag, & Eto [Produced by V Don]

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