Video: @SuliBreaks Presents Around The World In 80 Days: Episode 1

Video: @SuliBreaks Presents Around The World In 80 Days: Episode 1

I would like to formally announce the commencement of a great journey - UOSB style. I have been given a challenge; £20,000 and only 80 days to circumnavigate the world., Just like the story of Phileas Fogg, I'll be leaving the familiarity of home and arriving 80 days later at Saville Row, London, UK.

I'm allowed to use the journey to accomplish whatever I want and I have chosen to make it a discovery trip keeping"Inspiration, Innovation and Imagination" at the forefront. Basically, I want to meet people who have found success by following their PASSION, not what society, school or anyone else has dictated for them. After much deliberation, I have chosen to name it "Around the World in 80 days: Journey into the 'Uneducated' World." This voyage will also provide an insight into innovation, art and entrepreneurialism along the way.

Now, this is where you guys come in...any journey that I am about to embark on, I'm taking UOSB with me.. I want to make this a journey into the new world of art and entrepreneurialism.

After a few months of deliberation, we have a preliminary list of cities planned and we intend to take off early next year! But, I want to know where you guys want me to be? Although we are going to be meeting some pretty influential people along the way, I want to meet MORE!! I want to know which people you guys think I should get together and collaborate with or interview. I will be making new spoken word videos, new music and exploring new concepts along the way for us to share. This is a new world and I want us to explore it to the fullest. This is the first "vlogumentary" of its kind. Not only will the people help create and be part of it, but they will also be able to follow it in 'real time'.

Send in any ideas you have to [email protected]. I will be vlogging as frequently as possible to keep you guys updated on any new steps and ideas leading up to our departure.

I want to team up with artists, video makers, designers, videographers. I would like to meet entertainers, athletes, writers... everything. I want to perform, speak, learn, share and get to know as many of you as possible. Let's change the world #UOSB. Watch the video and see how the whole challenge came about and where we plan to take it -Suli Breaks