Video: @SuliBreaks Dedicates His New Poem ‘To Mr. Cameron’

Video: @SuliBreaks Dedicates His New Poem 'To Mr. Cameron'

“If I could speak to David Cameron…

This was filmed at the same times as ‘Rudebwoys Don’t Fall In Love‘ when I was still testing out new content for ‘Not A Role Model‘. However, I never uploaded this video, because I didn’t like it at the time.

I was watching Button Poetry live last night on YouTube and got super excited while I was looking through another video I was about to upload and I saw this one, watched it and felt it wasn’t too bad. I wrote it around the time UK decide it would agree to drop bombs on Syria an act, which I didn’t agree with at all. Around the same time, I had become good friends with a soldier who had been dishonourably discharged from the army, and his stories about why he had “failed” as a solider also moved me. It’s a short insight, but I hope the words make resonate on some level.” –Suli Breaks