Video: @StoopidJupiter Presents Colorful Characters (Documentary About Ethnic Diversity In Comics)

Video: @StoopidJupiter Presents Colorful Characters (Documentary About Ethnic Diversity In Comics)

As I haven't read comic books in the longest time, 1 thing I noticed but never gave much thought to is the lack of ethnic diversity in comics. NYC production studio Stoopid Jupiter takes a look at this rarely discussed issue in their 4-part documentary, "Colorful Characters", which you can give all 4 episodes a watch below…

Episode 1: In this first episode, Stoopid Jupiter asks if the lack of diversity is a deliberate act within the comics industry. At first glance, there may not seem to be an issue with diversity but when you look at the staff & characters of the large comics companies, it tells a different story.

Episode 2: Are a superheroes of color a relatable concept? In this episode, Stoopid Jupiter digs deeper into the issue of what kinds of characters the readers relate to. Many comics fans have to make a leap in order to lose themselves in the world of characters that the creators have made. What would happen if the audience was given characters who looked like them? The goal of any storyteller should be to make a closer connection with the audience.

Episode 3: Are women portrayed solely as sexual objects in comics? Stoopid Jupiter talks about the idea of the male gaze and how it affects the content.

Episode 4: In a capitalist system, the major factor for any product is "is there a market"? Are consumers interested in stories starring women & people of color?