Video: Standoff – Movie Trailer [Starring Laurence Fishburne]

Video: Standoff - Movie Trailer [Starring Laurence Fishburne]

Standoff – Official Trailer [HD]

Synopsis: Combat veteran Carter Greene (Thomas Jane) lives alone in a rustic farmhouse where he grieves the death of his young son and the resulting failure of his marriage. Meanwhile, Bird is an orphan who’s experienced too much loss for somebody so young. As Bird mourns her parents on the anniversary of their death, she watches a professional assassin storm the graveyard and kill a group of funeral goers. Terrified, Bird springs into the woods, followed closely by the sadistic assassin Sade (Laurence Fishburne). She eventually takes shelter in Carter’s farmhouse, where Carter vows to protect her and avenge the murder of her family.

Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Thomas Jane, Jim Watson
Writer/s: Adam Alleca
Director/s: Adam Alleca

Release Date: TBA 2015
Copyright: © 2015 Voltage Pictures/Saban Films