Video: Sofija – Right Next To You

Video: Sofija - Right Next To You

Sofija shares new playful video for soulful R&B single "Right Next To You"

Today, contemporary R&B singer-songwriter Sofija shares a new playful video for her soulful R&B single "Right Next To You".

The video for this single follows the wandering of reality to daydream, as a simple waitress in a nostalgic 50's diner crushes on a charming customer. As the object of her affection quarrels with his demanding girlfriend, Sofija ponders a life outside of her mundane diner days, running off happily with the boy who has caught her eye.

Video: Sofija - Right Next To You

While soulful and melodic, "Right Next To You" is also catchy and upbeat. It will leave listeners feeling happy and thankful for the person they love or wondering if maybe the person who loves them the most has been right under their nose all along. Although this song was written in a small college dorm room, it has the power to bring listeners to a place where unconditional love exists. The song has been featured by various tastemakers.

After teaching herself how to play piano by ear in her early childhood, Sofija began writing her own music around the age of 10. As she listened to musicians like Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Frank Ocean, and Miguel, she fell in love with both old school and alternative/contemporary R&B music and worked to create music that incorporated both of these elements alongside her own unique style. After graduating high school, she moved to Los Angeles to attend college at Loyola Marymount University and to pursue music. Sofija released "Right Next To You" in January 2021 and plans to continue to release more music this year.