Video: @SlickdotR - Ghetto Kyote

Video: @SlickdotR - Ghetto Kyote

East London's SlickdotR drops his masterful rework of the grime classic "Ghetto Kyote".

"Ghetto Kyote", produced by SlickdotR himself, takes him back as he delivers a dynamic flow over a reinvigorated classic grime melody, all whilst expressing his come up, dreams and goals. The original is one of the defining tracks which inspired SlickdotR to begin writing, which you can clearly hear, via the passion and dedication in his flow and attention to detail.

SlickdotR has come a long way from his UK grime roots; evident by the evolution he has displayed throughout the years - leading up to the musician he is today. With a captivating vocal presence and a distinct versatile flow, he has developed a unique musical style, which can be experienced through his records and live performances.

Previously supported by the likes of SBTV, GRM Daily, LinkUpTV, Reprezent FM, & Westside FM, SlickdotR has much more to come this year. Honing his hard hitting production and melodic songwriting skills, SlickdotR is sure to be one to watch for the near future.