Video: @ShortMoscato - Mystery Flavoured Xan Barz

Video: @ShortMoscato - Mystery Flavoured Xan Barz

"When Wza played the beat for me the first time, it reminded me of extreme euphoria... the kind you get when you're peaking. when i peak, there's usually a huge comedown. I use Xanax to help combat that. I don't even think Xanax is all that sweet, but it helps me in those situations. I just pass out and wake up feeling better. This song is about all of the 8,230 emotions that run through my head when I am high, and how I cope with it." -Short Moscato

The single can be found on the album, 'My First Pair of Slippers', which you can stream & cop here!!!

Short Moscato - My First Pair Of Slippers [Album Artwork]

About The Album:
Buffalo, NY's Short Moscato is back with his sophomore project 'My First Pair of Slippers'. The 11-track effort features Billie Essco, HOP HOP, Little Cake, & Illusive with production from Wza, S'likedat, Scheme, Vice Versa, Program, & more. Short's mother took a photograph of him at age 4 in his first pair of slippers--Donald Duck slippers--which is one of his earliest memories of childhood: the comfort of those slippers.

'My First Pair of Slippers' is a coming-of-age album that showcases Short as an artist who is comfortable in his own skin; comfortable being true to himself & his art. The album is dedicated to his mother & godmother, who is currently battling ALS.