Video: Shocka (@Shocka1001 @Marvell_Music) - My Revolution

Video: Shocka (@Shocka1001 @Marvell_Music) - My Revolution 2

Shocka, who was also a member of the group Marvell, is back with his brand new anthem-fueled track 'My Revolution'.

A classic, heavy hip-hop beat allows Shocka to express himself around a whole host of issues and the results are epic and the track is perfect with a general election around the corner.

Shocka (Of Marvell) In 2015 [Press Photo]

Featuring a cameo from Russell Brand in the video, Shocka really sets a high level from the beginning with this record and impressive lyrical rhyming and wordplay is evident throughout.

This track is taken from the upcoming EP that Shocka is working on titled 'F.I.S.T.' - COMING SOON!!!