Video: Shellee Shae – Fo Sho

Video: Shellee Shae - Fo Sho

Boston emcee Shellee Shae makes her return to The DigiSpot with her new single, “Fo Sho“, which is a cover song for A Tribe Called Quest’s 2016 single “We The People“.

Intro track by KingDrumDummie
Featuring TheBigSway
Directed by Chuy
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We the people
Created equal
Get bullied in the workplace said it’s legal
New discrimination got a new face
I’m trying to keep my cool with a screwface
Laws don’t apply when you saying something
They don’t really like it when u saying something
Keep yo mouth close that’s yo civil rights
People know people that’s the real fight
The system got a system keep it real tight
Commission of discrimin what a real joke
They the definition when you blow smoke
I tried to inhale but I still choked
Black brown Asian n you poor folk
Y’all don’t c the pattern
It’s a back load
300 more days and your case closed
Times up
try again
Maybe get a witness to take a stand
Or Maybe get a witness tell a friend
Cause they mediate it
Yea you had the win.

All my people c y’all don’t know
Ya see this whole thang here is all FO SHO
Ya gotta fight with light n just let it flo
Cause they know
That I know
Now you know
That it’s FO SHO fo sho fo sho

When u knew you really had a good case
They gon throw them dolla signs in yo way
Eyes wide open hope you take the bait
Try to mediate just to save face
Call it dismissed just to get appealed
No probable cause are they really real
Staring racism right in the eye
A sista like me see threw the lie
Flies on shit nah I ain’t surprised
When it goes dark
They gon light it up
And when it goes down they go switch it up
Policy policies that’s what’s up
That’s what they be screaming when they getting fucked
People on the rise
Yea we had Enough
Life hard enough why they make it tough
So go ahead puff puff pass
So go ahead puff puff pass
marijuana legal in mass
I heard marijuana legal in mass