Video: SFPD Officer Murders Black Family's Dog After Child Accidentally Calls Them

Video: SFPD Officer Murders Black Family's Dog After Child Accidentally Calls Them

A San Francisco family is considering taking legal action after a police officer killed their dog while responding to an accidental 911 call.

According to KGO, two San Francisco officers responded on Sunday evening after a child playing with the phone at Jeffrey Stancil's home dialed 911.

Stancil told the station that he never imagined that an innocent mistake would end with his dog, Zoey, being shot to death.

"Six shots, for a dog? I mean, what can you say?" Stancil lamented.

One witness recalled that the dog growled when officers came onto his property.

"She growled and I'm like 'no, no, no.' He starts shooting, boom, boom, boom and when he got done shooting, he shot like six times, he ended up right here," the man told KGO.

Both the family and the San Francisco Police Department agreed that Zoey bit the officer at least once. But the family argued that the entire shooting could have been avoided.

"I understand that they were doing their job," Madonna Stancil remarked. "That's understandable, but the fact that they didn't give us a chance to put her in safety, you know, and we did say 'stop, we'll get her,' they didn't give us the chance,"

A statement from the San Francisco Police Department said that the officer had been bitten multiple times, and that the shooting was necessary to end the attack.

However, that was little consolation for the Stancil family, whose longtime pet is now dead.

"She was our pet. We've had her for over 10 years so, it's really heartbreaking," Madonna Stancil said.

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