Video: Scurry Life Gang (@Sadaday @HotWaterz @PhadeFozzy @TxStyleBX) - We Scurrying

Video: Scurry Life Gang (@Sadaday @HotWaterz @PhadeFozzy @TxStyleBX) - We Scurrying 2

Sadaday is a hustler from the Bronx streets of New York rapper & owner of Scurry Life DVD with 11 volumes of the series of raw uncut exclusive interviews behind the scenes footage of today's biggest names in the music industry. It started a nationwide buzz with DVDs & mixtapes in stores around the country.

The Scurry Life movement spread like fire threw the hood making it from the streets to the board rooms of record labels leaving Sadaday with the decision of going major for fortune or fame and possibly losing creativity and control in this machine or continue to be independent, they decided who needs a major label because they already do everything.

Scurry Life Gang - The Bang Bang Theory [Mixtape Artwork]

Promoting online with marketing email campaigns and breaking records with their Scurry Life DJs coalition, they created a brand.

The next step is for Sadaday to introduce his team, Scurry Life Gang. the group consists of
Hot Waterz, Txstyle, & Phade Fozzy as well as a collection of talented artists he came up with over the years to form this movement.

The new single [Dirty | Instrumental] & music video, "We Scurrying", is the second installment off their upcoming mixtape, entitled 'The Bang Bang Theory', which is set to drop on 4.20.2016!!!