Video: #SandraBland Arrest Site Renamed Sandra Bland Parkway

Video: New Dashcam Footage Contradicts Texas Cops' Claims In Sandra Bland Murder

As of Tuesday evening (8.25.2015), the Prairie View City Council has voted to rename University Boulevard to Sandra Bland Parkway.

The name change began with a march, which included hundreds of Prairie View A&M alumni as well as current students, that went from the student union building all the way to City Hall, where the name change was finalized.

Sandra Bland Before She Was Murdered By Racist Texas Police“If every time they pull over a student, they have to be reminded of what took place here, then that will help the relationship to be more respectful between the officers and the students,” protester Hannah Bonner said to the local news.

The street was renamed after Sandra Bland because it was the same street where she was arrested before subsequently dying in her jail cell.

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