Video: Ryan Phillippe Speaks On Making ‘Terrible’ Movie With 50 Cent

Video: Ryan Phillippe Speaks On Making 'Terrible' Movie With 50 Cent

Actor Ryan Phillippe recently presented his directorial debut with the movie “Catch Hell”. While speaking with the L.A. Times about his new film, Phillippe discussed having to appear in struggling independent pictures in recent years. The star of “Cruel Intentions” & “Crash” pointed out one picture that also featured a well-known rapper-turned-actor as a least favorite of his.

“I did this terrible movie with 50 Cent,” said Phillippe. “It was just a situation I didn’t want to be in. I was sold a bill of goods and it turned out to be something different, which is often the case in this business.”

The film was called “Setup” and also featured Bruce Willis & Randy Couture. The movie was released straight to video in 2011 via 50’s Cheetah Vision production company.

Phillippe revealed the experience of working on “Setup” partially inspired “Catch Hell” which is about a past-his-prime actor forced to do a poorly financed indie movie. Unlike real life, the events in “Catch Hell” take a much more terrible turn for the worse.

“I’ve made 30-plus films over 20 years,” said Phillippe. “And in my opinion, five of them are good. So you slave away and you work hard and you want to make something great, and a lot of times you end up disappointed.”

You can watch the trailer for Ryan Phillippe’s “Catch Hell” below…

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