Video: RoxXxan (@ROtripleX) - Crud

RoxXxan - Crud [Track Artwork]

Back on her A-game, RoxXxan comes with fury, fire, & all out "Crud" on her latest release.

The London via Birmingham emcee, already famed for her ferocity on the mic, digs deep for this one. Her flow & energy at the sharpest they've ever been, showing her highly charged & deeply fueled passion for the love of emceeing. RoxXx smashes out expression in abundance for delivery of the bars with long-term collaborator Mikey J on production, emphasizing her freshly revived hunger on the disgusting beat.

Grime emcee RoxXxan on September 11, 2017 [Press Photo]

Although RoxXxan has always shown impenetrable confidence within her music, like any emcee that came up in the major fame years (2009-11), she has had to endure the bumpy road of remaining consistent, respected, & relevant. After having a break from the scene, she returned last year with an honest, genuine, & engaging account of her journey via the release of "Back To Live", documenting some tough times for her including her anger & frustrations at the scene, time spent living in a hostel, and her place being raided by police. The track served as both the end of a difficult chapter and the beginning of something new.

Over recent months, things have started to bubble and RoxXxan has suddenly started popping up in photos at studio sessions and with fellow emcees. With RoxXx firmly in a new zone, the release of "Crud" flings open the door on her re-emergence.

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