Video: @RickFouche - Gorilla

Video: @RickFouche - Gorilla

"The symbolism that’s undeniably present in “Gorilla" is all up for interpretation.” -Rick Fouche

Rick Fouche is an ecclectic artist who enjoys giving layers of his creativity to his fans. Such is the case with the new video for his debut single, "Gorilla".

"Many people point out the alleged Illuminati references in my video. If you see it as such, it's fine. I'm all for artistry & whatever you interpret from my art is how you feel. And it's all good."

As a new artist, help goes a long way. And so far in his career, Fouche has gained support from notable Hip Hop veteran, Large Professor. With his debut now out of the bag, there's much to anticipate from the young artist.

About Rick Fouche:
Rick Fouche is a rare breed of musical talent who is as passionate about his craft as they come. His vision is to be able to share his music with as many people as possible. Having mastered the intricacies of music early on in his life, Fouche was able to tweak his personal musical style to what it is now. Having been criticized for his music being "too innovative" for his time, Fouche believes he has become "The Man Who Conquered Time".